The Papa Hadyn Legacy

There’s this epic dessert place in Portland, OR called Papa Hadyn.  My mother used to go there very often when she was pregnant with me so it is older than I am.

They make their own ice cream, macarons and meringues.

But they also have a whole case of original pie and cake concoctions.

You can get traditional items like New York cheesecake, banana cream pie and the St Moritz which is essentially a fantastic German chocolate cake.

I think you should try the  signature items that my family orders like the Raspberry Gateau, Scharffenberger Bombe or the famous boccone dolcé.

The boccone dolce is recommended for newbies and is my mum’s favorite (since before I was born remember?)

It has tiers of spongy vanilla meringue, fluffy whipped cream and fresh seasonal fruit that is all drizzled with chocolate.

They also do seasonal specials and my friend tried that chocolate heart above.

This heart was almost like solid chocolate and the border, though with lovely gold German script that says “I love you,” was also flaking solid chocolate as soon as you put a fork in it.

I thought this special was too dense, but the best part of going to this dessert place is that there are guaranteed leftovers. My other favorite seasonal specials are the fruit crisp with salted caramel ice cream, the english toffee cheescake or the butterscotch budino (or pudding). They often throw in an unexpected dessert special as well.

Wedding cakes are available to order; otherwise, you can visit one of their two locations in Portland for a slice of decadence.



Stephanie Landis

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