Gluten free is delicious!

I’m not a full supporter of the gluten free movement, but the one benefit I can understand is that dessert flavors come through clearer. Things are more chocolatey and sweet plus you don’t feel weighed down by the filler gluten.

My hometown is lucky enough to have one very delicious gluten free dessert cafe.

The cafe is called Kyra’s Bake shop, and they have won Cupcake wars on Food network three times.

They started as a small shop that did mostly cakes but now have expanded to a new location with their own parking lot and large menu that also features breakfast and lunch.

The cinnamon roll will change your life- it is so tasty!

Cupcake flavors rotate and new items are posted on their website.

I took a friend there after finally getting rid of my storage unit. We got the curious george, a chocolate filled banana cupcake and the cookies and cream cupcake.

The filled cupcakes definitely add a richness to your palate. My cookies and cream cupcake was a little disappointing, because it was dry and the frosting was not soft enough.

But the curious george was very nice because it was moist and pumped full of  chocolate ganache.

I really should have went for the brownie with beer frosting!

Kyra’s also makes wedding cakes and they have their own cookbook. I’ve baked cupcakes from the cookbook and they are similar to the shops’ creations.


Stephanie Landis

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