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1.) Short stories in University of Portland’s Writer’s Literary Magazine

“The Three Forced Breakfasts” 2009 :

“Does thirty cents get you far in Delhi?” 2008:

2.) I’m currently looking for representation for my first novel, Remembering What It’s Like. If you are interested in representing me, please comment on this post with your contact information and a link to your publishing company.

The summary for Remembering What It’s Like:

A fresh update of the American novel that examines struggles with sexuality and dating that still resonate today. During the onset of World War II, everything seems to be going well for Jeff McCormick, a young army officer who gets stationed in Hawaii.  He begins dating his first serious girlfriend, a Japanese American girl named Leela Matsu. He’s been ready for a fresh start and tries to bury his past as his relationship with Leela develops. Jeff falls prey to similar issues that are still encountered by American men in contemporary society—immaturity, toxic masculinity,  the complexities of dating someone of a different race and not being sure if he wants to be a bachelor or a family man.  Is his relationship with Leela feasible in the shadow of impending war with Japan? Does he want to move forward or stay the same like the two sides of America that always conflict? This novel is like a modern James Jones’ From Here To Eternity  with better perspective from women and minorities, along with the worries of inheriting family history like Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon. Leela and Jeff share narration throughout the two volumes of the novel. This first volume has the story arc focus on Jeff. The second volume will have a story arc for Leela, with a speculative theme of what America could be.

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