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So I’ve started to work somewhat stably full time now, so that means only one thing- have to stock up on dark chocolate bars to eat during the day.

I try to peruse the chocolate selection at stores for I haven’t tried and that are on sale.

I could always go for my favorite brands like Chocolove, Valrhona, or the Endangered species bars because they are the most affordable and consistently delicious, but it is always good to try something new.

I picked the Theo brand this time, because they always seem to have many choices and certain bars are on the side of expensive.

I got the crystallized ginger, one of my favorite flavors and coconut which were not on the expensive side. They are also known as their classic bars.

The thing about Theo bars is they are remarkably thin which helps them melt quickly and deliciously in your mouth. I began with the coconut one and almost gobbled the whole one away in a day.

Though I was delighted with the coconut one at first, because no other fancy chocolate brand does that flavor, I realized I was just eating a glorified Mounds bar.

The ginger one was disappointing for me too because the ginger clusters were too small and so the flavor dissipates rather quickly.  Perhaps I am someone who can only to eat thick chocolate bars in Chocolove style.

I like that they are organic and non GMO verified.

But I think Theo is a little overrated, except for their Fantasy bars. Their coconut curry and fig, almond & fennel bar are quite tasty.  And those are much thicker  🙂

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