My first practice at Indian Sweets

My Hindi instructor is so sweet; she randomly gave me a light blue lehenga after class that she didn’t want.

So I thought I would make her some sweets for her kindness.

It’s about time I learned to make Indian sweets since I make Indian food regularly and haven’t tried to to make many of them, save for one failed attempt and a dim recollection of jalebi.

I wanted to make burfi, because I like to snack on them or eat them for breakfast.

There also is such variety, like regular, carrot, pistachio, a green layer on top, saffron, and I think there might be a pink one.

I decided to make pistachio burfi because the recipe seemed relatively simple.

I used Yamuna Devi, who isn’t actually Indian but a delightful Hare Krishna that also makes amazingly inventive vegetarian dishes, that deviate from standard Indian recipes.

My burfi turned out well.

I was practicing so I took these to work and they were gone pretty fast; the only thing was I think I  should tone down on the rosewater a bit.

Now I feel more comfortable with Indian sweets  and want to make a variation of these with saffron and pistachios.

I also want to work on decorating the sweets nicely since Indian sweets have so much colors to work with.

Stephanie Landis

I am a native Oregonian, but traveling has been my way of life since I was young. I was raised in Europe and traveled around Asia and Africa. I've studied two languages and plan to add more. Along with travel, enjoying a passion for food, art and culture is apart of my daily life. My hobbies other than writing are cooking, reading, watching films and attending cultural events.

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