How to maintain the sugar hedonist lifestyle

I finally got healthcare insurance and so that means I am going to the doctor and dentist because it has been a little while.

I’m nobody’s mother until I have kids (and I’m in no hurry to do so), but I thought I would share some information that keeps you healthy while you are enjoying sweets.

It’s part of what a person I know calls ” the quest of getting one’s shit together.”

Remember that dentistry is a business as well as anything else and some operate on a quota system.

I  tried to pay out of pocket for cleaning and found out when I pushed hard enough they were trying to get me to buy one of those battery operated toothbrushes too. Always get a second opinion for a diagnosis.

I did buy one of those toothbrushes on Amazon that my friend likes so I am now brushing my teeth pretty often (though that thing tickles and massages my tongue when it gets in the way).

This brushing includes bringing a regular toothbrush to work and after eating sugar doing more brushing.

Sugar is also not too good for the body either (like diabetes) and to limit your intake it’s recommended to eat fruit instead.

But that doesn’t really work for me.

I have the most trouble at work where I snack on dark chocolate bars at my desk.

But I have cut back on the constant sugary pastries I was making myself for breakfast and have never been a huge fan of sugary cereals or soda which I owe to being a child in Europe.

See, you can still enjoy sugar and be healthy!

Stephanie Landis

I am a native Oregonian, but traveling has been my way of life since I was young. I was raised in Europe and traveled around Asia and Africa. I've studied two languages and plan to add more. Along with travel, enjoying a passion for food, art and culture is apart of my daily life. My hobbies other than writing are cooking, reading, watching films and attending cultural events.

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