Hazelnut obsession

The beauty of this float is that it grew out of other decadent hazelnut desserts that I have made this week.

And had me sounding like a stoner just imagining the tastiness at the Fred Meyer.

Let me explain……

My friend that I watch silly movies with last night came over to do the usual and we got dinner and then went grocery shopping for treats.

My friend spotted Rogue Brewery’s hazelnut nectar beer and chocolate stout and a very nice conversation ensued:


Friend: These would make a great float with that gelato you have. I will get two of each so I can do it again tomorrow night.

Me: Oh yummy that is  the perfect idea. And I made chocolate hazelnut cookies earlier this week.

Friend: This is going to be really tasty then.

(we walk to the next aisle)

Me: Oh my gosh! oh my gosh! I just remembered I bought pint glasses today! So these floats are really meant to be!

Friend: Whoa! They really are meant to be!

*No substances were smoked before this conversation, I can only say that I was really tired so that’s why I sound silly.


The hazelnut cookie I allude to is one of my favorite cookies called the twisted tollhouse cookie from the Sugar Cube cookbook which contains hazelnut flour.

Hazelnut flour is made rather simply by toasting hazelnuts in the oven, peeling off the toasted brown bits and blending with all purpose flour in a food processor.

I accidentally made too much this time but oh well, I can have more of my favorite cookie.

I like to make this cookie thin so it adds a nice crunchy texture with the soft vanilla bean ice cream.

These were also great to dip into the float my friend and I made.

We mixed Rogue’s chocolate stout and hazelnut nectar beers and then added the gelato.

The best part is that my friend let me keep a full bottle of the mix of two beers so hey!

I totally did that again just like him!

Stephanie Landis

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