Extreme Chocolate

I had Christmas with my F3 again this year and I received some beer, wine and fancy chocolate.

One of them is the monstrous peanut butter cup pictured above and the other was something called a coconut fantasy (essentially a glorified, dense Mounds bar) which isn’t pictured because I ate it already.

They come from a local chocolate place called Extreme Chocolates in Salem, which is still the abode of my F3 as he sets up his law practice.

By the way if you need a lawyer in the Oregon area, here is their website: http://www.mastandunolaw.com/

Anyways, the peanut butter cup was quite delicious.

It had a softer approach that was different from the Reese’s classic, and we would hope so because this is a gourmet chocolaterie.

There is a thick dark chocolate shell that gives way to a smooth pale peanut butter center.

It also is dusted with blanched peanuts on top.

These treats have inspired me to try the other creations they have at the store. So I might bug my F3 to take me there next time I am in Salem.

Extreme chocolates has a really interesting website because they have great pictures of sweet confections, special events and recipes that put cocoa and meat entrees together.

Check it out:


And stay tuned for when I actually visit the shop!



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