“Cajun” cake

This is a cajun pecan cake from the Palio dessert cafe.

The slice is a white cake with butter cream- cream cheese frosting. There are pecans within the cake and on top, which are candied and with cayenne pepper and cinnamon.

The frosting was done very well, because it was neither goopy soft nor too stiff.


I was also able to refrigerate the cake and have it for a yummy snack the next day.

I appreciated this nut themed cake because it did not become the usual spice or fruit/ vegetable cake (like carrot).

The nuts were not too overpowering since they were chopped and sitting between the layers- a delicate crunch between the soft cake.

The “Cajun” spicing was not as pronounced as I would have liked, but it played off the  vanilla notes really well.


The Palio Dessert cafe is located in SE Portland, Oregon. They carry a variety of cakes in a similar style (delicate cakes with contrasting crunch to them, their toffee chocolate cake is also great). Selections vary.

They also make pastries, coffee drinks, brownies and muffins. The Palio has nothing to do with the diet so enjoy some sugary goodness.

I would recommend this establishment  as a casual dessert place, studying alone or meeting with a group.  They usually stay pretty quiet and relaxed and they are open late.

Here is their website:


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