2nd annual girl scout cookie tasting

I decided to throw a fondue party to celebrate decorating my apartment and getting my life more organized. I invited my friend who did the girl scout cookie tasting with me last year and he bought a whole bunch of beer to use for our dessert course.

For this occasion and to finally “warm my apartment with a new item or whatever,” I bought this multifunctional¬†entertaining platter: serving plate, punch bowl, cake topper and more.


This item is seriously a godsend because I don’t believe in uni-taskers.

But anyways, beer. Man my friend brought a ton of beer. He had a six pack of grapefruit beer and then like five large bottles of other delicious beers.

He had such a large bottle of raspberry lambic that we picked that one from his selection.

We also decided to use my Breakside Brewing salted caramel stout with flavoring from local ice cream store, Salt and Straw.

The beers we picked were unfortunately pretty disappointing.

The stout was way too heavy and the caramel flavor only became more enhanced when we had samoas, trefoils and tagalongs. It really just made the cookies more sweet and did not add any special dimension the flavor.

The raspberry lambic was ever weirder. I had only had lambic once before but the larger size was grossly sweet to finish off. I did not realize that lambic is for people who can’t handle a real beer.

The lambic did make contrasting notes to the lemon cookies. And the tagalongs made the cookie taste like a PBJ sandwich. But these flavors did not awaken my taste buds to the pure decadence that they crave.

We really should have opened the Hope valled IGA vanilla porter that was a hit last year:


But I trust this friend to make pair beer with desserts in the future, we just should keep making this an annual thing.

Stephanie Landis

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