Pallu: the most decorative part of the sari

Pallu refers to the end of the sari on display, usually  wrapped near a woman’s arm and/or waist.

The pallu is the more decorative part of the sari reserved for a variant on the pattern.

This pattern is slightly different from the other patterns on the sari and often more ornate.

Pallu can be made from embroidery, rhinestones, beads, ribbon and sequins. Sometimes it is even woven or printed onto the fabric.

On the above pink chiffon sari, you can see how the pattern on the hem is also on the end of the fabric.

There is an additional border of flowers that isn’t present on the rest of the sari. Sometimes the pallu can be made up of all the designs already on the fabric, just creating a more concentrated or repetitious pattern, like this simpler silk sari:

sari pallu

The pallu is definitely the eye catching piece of the garment. I admit that I have even picked out my saris based on the presentation of the pallu.

Though saris are often one of a kind (with the exception of those made the same style and design but in a different color), the pallu works in the same way because it makes the sari “pop” if you will.

The pallu is a very good way to set the tone for the outfit’s occasion and expressing your personal style.

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