Woodblock Chocolate

So I have this friend who has recently moved here from the East Coast and wants to try all the tasty Portland things.

Woodblock Chocolate company is one of them, and all I knew of them is that they make great cocoa nibs that I have in my pantry.

But apparently they are a store and you can watch them make chocolate.

We decided that this will be a great post-brunch activity on a Saturday.

I have got to remember not to be such a food snob though.

It is a good quality to have when critiquing food, it is not pleasant when your friend is excited about a new experience or when your friend purchased something you scoffed at a moment ago. It comes off haughty.

So I will have to be more patient and reserve my strict food judgment for this blog. 🙂

Woodblock Chocolate is located in an industrial looking area in SE Portland.

Along with the cocoa nibs, they also have chocolate bars around the 70% dark range, a large $50 chocolate bar, drinking chocolate, pastilles of chocolate and these:

My friend and I both got the pastilles with sea salt, cocoa nibs and chocolate. I also got the chocolate covered hazelnuts.

Woodblock has a few different varieties of chocolates.

The peru, the toasted sesame and the madagascar were the ones out for sampling.

The Madagascar had a deeper dried fruit flavor and the Peru was more bitter. They also made their own chocolate blend with both (also used in the toasted sesame).

I was sad that they were not making chocolate in the morning but that doesn’t mean I am not trying to dig into those purchases right away.


Website: http://woodblockchocolate.com/

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