Sari styles

There are a variety of ways to wear the sari and there is many a blog  (or youtube video) to tell you and show you how.

But I want to spend this time to talk to you about the three ways that I generally wear my sari, and most often seen them worn in films.

saris 3sari  2rani saree pic

From the left, I like to call the first one the stylish saree approach.

I often see people wearing this as a standard way to tie the sari. It shows off the borders and you can see the elegant pallu from the back.

The middle pink one is one I wear when I am in a casual mood and wind the fabric the opposite way, fold the ends and throw it in front of my chest. Then I tuck a corner of the end behind my back.


The last way I don’t often do, but I have seen it in movies and plan to wear to a fancy event where I can drape the sari over my arm like a sleeve.




I also wear my sari in a way I saw daily in Tamil Nadu, much like the first way with the polka dot sari.

But you take the end of sari on the side of the uncovered arm and tuck the corner into the front.

I observed many women in Tamil Nadu wearing the sari in this way and learned how to tie it while waiting in line to see famous temples.


Luckily I became used to wearing a sari by the time I reached Tirupati, because wearing traditional Indian dress is required to go into Sri Venekeshwara temple.

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